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Absolutely. Your information is secured with the highest level of security and will not be shared with anyone without your consent.

All your data is encrypted within a session when you log in using a digital certificate. Our hosting uses secure servers and HTTPS which ensures that your transactions are completed securely and privately.

Yes. You need to sign up for a free SendInopay account to ensure that your transaction with us is smooth and secure.

Signing up online or on our app gives you access to our platform, where you can easily send money online, top-up mobiles, pay bills, view your transaction history, monitor your favourite rates, and much more! Plus, your personal information will never be shared with any external parties without your consent.

What is SendInopay?

SendInopay is a simple, quick, and easy-to-use online financial platform dedicated to african diaspora in North-america. We help you send money to family and friends safely and securely, top-up mobiles, pay bills and much more from USA and Canada to anywhere in Africa. We’re committed to providing the best rates and low fees.

Access SendInopay through App or Web

The SendInopay App is simple yet highly functional. It is easy to install, and its interface is user-friendly. Whether you are young or old, using our app for money transfer and currency exchange is a breeze.

To ensure that all the transactions done in North-america and abroad are safe, legal, and no fraud is happening, SendInopay’s security team will flag and investigate any money transfer transactions initiated away from the user’s place of residence in USA or Canada. Most of the time, the investigation and transfer release process are done without needing additional information from the users so you can be sure that you can use your SendInopay App overseas to transfer money safely and without hassle.

  1. Make sure we support the country you'd like to send money to
  2. Download the SendInopay app from the Google Play Store or the App store
  3. Create your SendInopay account for free (your recipient doesn't need one)
  4. Gather all of the details for your transfer, like how much you'd like to send and your recipient's information
  5. Send your transfer
  6. We'll take care of the rest, plus we'll let you and your recipient know when the funds are delivered or ready to be picked up

Your SendInopay transfer status helps you understand where your money is and when it's going to arrive. Whenever there's an update to your transfer we'll send you an email, a text message, or a notification from the SendInopay app. These notifications will include your transfer's reference number.

Be there for your family.

Even from the other end of the world.

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